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For leaders focuses on decision making skills in a digital world.


HDThinking for leaders focuses on decision making skills in a digital world, particularly in the boardroom. 

HDT contribute to national and global business debate through key notes, conference contributions and consultancy engagement with C-suite teams or individuals. Recent presentations include Cog-X, the International Security Forum, and I-4.

“Amazing- honest, challenging, thought provoking”

Prepare to get the most powerful computational system in the known universe working differently, to ensure your business is harnessing technology.

Cyber trust – human leadership.

HDThinking Education consultants combine unique digital insight with experience in learning, teaching, assessment, curriculum development, EdTech, and school leadership & governance. We offer a range of training workshops, for both staff and pupils as well as support and guidance of the impact of a digital environment on all aspects regarding your school- from education provision to strategic decision making.

Working at the local, national and international level, HDT have expertise in all aspects of public service life and will support you in policy making, decision making and best possible use of big data, to ensure you can bring the power of technology into the lives of residents and community services.



The importance of data

The amount of data created and captured worldwide is forecast to soar in the coming years. This makes it even more vital for businesses to understand the material at their disposal, with big data analytics and artificial intelligence set to play a growing role.

National AI Strategy

The National AI Strategy builds on the UK’s strengths but also represents the start of a step-change for AI in the UK, recognising the power of AI to increase resilience, productivity, growth and innovation across the private and public sectors. 

This was the best CPD on digital in education that I’ve ever attended. The scope of ideas presented for discussion and the holistic approach is game changing I think. Thank you!

Training, WSH Wimbledon High School

It is exactly what is needed to better understand the challenges we face – you frame the digital threat completely differently

Head of Digital Learning

Thought provoking and human centred – we’ll certainly be taking this on board as we look ahead to further developing our digital approach

WHS Digital Learning

Human leadership in a digital world


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